Products & Services

With the right monitoring system, it's easy to find your biggest problem areas and design effective solutions.

Enterprise Gauge provides a business system and service monitoring and management solutions framework that meet the needs of a variety of industries and business functions. These include:

Operational IT System Management & Monitoring

Enterprise Gauge provides a single platform to manage and monitor all IT systems and infrastructure.

  • If we can connect to it, we can monitor it.
  • Data Centre and NOC management.
  • Applications – bespoke or industry enterprise applications such as SAP, Oracle eBusiness Suite. 

Manager of Managers

Enterprise Gauge acts as a consolidation layer for companies that have invested in multiple monitoring solutions or platform specific solutions.

  • Gathers and correlates alerts and transactional data from multiple monitoring systems, managing and suppressing duplicates and providing a single consolidated business view.
  • Integrates with many BSM systems, including (but not limited to) IBM Netcool, Microsoft SCOM, BMC BSM applications, Solarwinds. 

Supplement existing corporate monitoring solutions

Enterprise Gauge supplements functionality gaps alongside existing corporate monitoring solutions.

  • Acts as a cost effective data gatherer where existing corporate solutions:
    • Do not have certain system probes
    • Probes do not meet business requirements
    • Implementation costs are prohibitive.
  • Feeds event data directly into these corporate solutions.
  • Integrates with many corporate service management solutions including (but not limited to) IBM Netcool, Microsoft SCOM, BMC BSM, Remedy, Solarwinds  

Service Level management & reporting

Enterprise Gauge provides instant SLA reports based on SLA business rules.

  • Service level information can be gathered from multiple sources or platforms and consolidated into a single, automated report.
  • Where service levels are not being met, automated alerts and dashboards highlight these in advance to system and customer managers for pro-active management.
  • Reports can be automatically distributed or made available via the web portal.  

Outsourcer / Hosting Management

Where companies have outsourced or hosted systems, Enterprise Gauge gathers operational and service information to ensure that Service Levels are being met.

  • Companies often rely on SLA information provided by the outsourcer or hosting providers, without any mechanism to verify its validity. Enterprise Gauge can act as an independent source of system and service availability.
  • Service level information can be gathered from multiple sources or platforms and consolidated into a single, automated report.
  • Where service levels are not being met, automated reports, alerts and dashboards can highlight these in advance to IT managers for pro-active management. 

Facilities management

Enterprise Gauge manages and monitors non-IT systems within a facility such as:

  • UPS
  • Ambient temperatures
  • Air-conditioning units
  • Access control systems
  • Telephony systems
  • Lift control systems
  • Electrical circuit boards 

Environmental impact monitoring

Enterprise Gauge monitors factors that impact on the environment and provide corporate and legislative reporting such as:

  • Power usage
  • Carbon Footprint measuring 

 Compliance, security & auditing management

Enterprise Gauge acts as a central repository to gather information from various systems to ensure that corporate compliance, security and auditing requirements are met.

Where regulatory compliance rules such as Sarbanes-Oxley, FSA, and Data Protection require reports , these can be developed and automated by our software.  


Enterprise Gauge has a strong background in the telco industry and provided various industry specific solutions, including:

  • CDR and Fraud Revenue Assurance
  • Ditex / SOR18 monitoring
  • VSAT monitoring
  • Base-station monitoring

M2M (Machine to Machine) and IoT (Internet of Things) Applications

Enterprise Gauge gathers event and transactional information from any remote system. It can connect through wired, wireless, network or via a telemetry devices. Enterprise Gauge has existing solutions for:

  • Vending Machines
  • Bank ATMs
  • PoS Systems 
  • Generators 

 GPS Tracking and Geo-fencing

  • Utilising a range of available technologies, tracking devices or telemetry devices, Enterprise Gauge tracks the GPS location of various mobile devices, resources or assets like base station batteries, TVs, vehicles or anything that can be fitted with a tracking device.
  • Various alerts and notifications can be raised based on the GPS location of the tracking device including violation of a predetermined geo-fence.

 Satellite Modems

  • Enterprise Gauge gathers operational and transactional data from Satellite systems.
  • We provide Customer portals and various reports on Satallite bandwith utilization, SLA's, bandwidth saturation etc.